advertising creators block.

Creators Block is an online social media platform that was created ad a social and digital innovation to assist creators in their moments of creative struggle by providing a collaborative platform where imaginative thinking can flourish into inspiration. AS a group we decided to create such a platform as we ourselves often find the only way out of a creative slump, is a creative discussion. We wanted to creative a place online for fellow artists to discuss and gain feedback on their projects. For my DA I chose to visually show the reasons why a platform like Creators Block is important to exist, and what the marketing of the app in our modern day would look like. The virtual community my group has spend all semester conceptualizing, needed to be visualised through my advertisements. 

The point I’ve illustrated in my DA is the struggle many creative minds may encounter when creating and developing their art. I was inspired to creative these four short TikTok style advertisements, as I am bombarded by similar advertisements when I open my social media accounts, and what better way to advertise a “new social media platform” than on another one. “Young people crave micro-entertainment and short bursts of distraction. This is one of the main appeals of TikTok. Videos are fun, short and trendy. “, (Romero S, 2021), following this mindset and being inspired by other “parody” style advertisements, I decided to storyboard, shoot and edit my own advertisements that were both informative, fun and easy to understand. 

Inspired by the TikTok I see every day, I wanted my advertisements to be comedic instead of just a marketing ply advertisement. Three out of my four videos show a “problem” that would need a solution, and my fourth and last video advertisement shows the solution: our platform Creators Block. My idea is that if Creators Block were to exist it would be advertised to our target audience through social media advertising, which has seen a growth in media messages with the customizable appeal to specific characteristics of an identified target demographic or group. (Dodoo, NA & Padovano, CM 2020)

Overall, the innovation I have spent the whole semester crafting with my group is a virtual community where creative people who struggle with creativity can lean on one another and share and cultivate projects. “People in virtual communities do just about everything people do in real life, but we leave our bodies behind…” (Rheingold, H 2000) What I chose to highlight in my videos is that fact that an artist can work independently while still needing help, this is where they can turn to Creators Block, online, and not have to work alone through their struggle. 

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