week 3 | medium is the message

What the heck is “the medium” anyway? What consitues the middle, the essence?
I suppose in simple terms… its what sits between the bread in a sandwich. 🍔

One could presume the “medium” would be a social media platform, or a mass-media news outlet which provides the “message” to an audience. BUT in using Lasswell’s formula as an example the middle – the channel – is the medium. Which in the process of the content being distributed becomes the message, and the medium as an extension of the creator.

Here i’ve created my own GIF, using procreate. Did it come out the way I intended? Perhaps… but the way you see it now on the blog isnt the way i saw it on my iPad. – so now my initial “message” has been shifted through the change of platforms. And if then again put in into another GIF “generator”, it’s changed again

Chàe 2.0

Dude! We’re getting the band back together!!!

Chàe is BACK! And this time, we’re coming back to you as just but please welcome to the main stage… CHÀE MEDIA!

In the past we’ve released two beautiful Chàe Magazine issues (soon to be three) full of tips and tricks for students. As well as a range of content from other students where they can showcase their talents and latest works.

We’re launching Chàe Media as a start up content creation company. Sharing on all social media platforms in different media forms (Video, Image, Podcast etc.) This semester is where FEFO to learn and grow our company into something even more wonderful.

We want to spread our audience even further, into more universities not just UOW. I cant wait for us to fail and rebuilt, and fail and rebuild and so it again and again ’til we get it right.