a final glance at chàe for the year

Chàe Magazine became my Digital Artefact much later in the semester. After my first idea had hit a wall – I was able to quickly start a new DA with a group of my closest friends. What began as just a small exciting idea blossomed into something better than we all could have imagined.

We started by ideating – Chàe started was a no name project, it wasn’t even a magazine yet. We just knew we all had talents that we wanted to use, but didn’t know how to incorporate all of that into helping people. (Helping people was the core of our project – we all felt passionately about mental health and we wanted to create something that would be useful to people). We decided in the end of that big discussion that we would produce a magazine – with the audience being students, like us who needed a helping hand – and the name “Chae” slowly followed. We wanted all of us to be literally in the magazine, so the name is exactly that, the intial from each of our names (Chelsea, Hannah, Amy, Emma)

After we knew what we wanted out of our project – we decided we would assign roles so each of us had a kind of task to perform for the group. A project as big as a magazine, (that had the likes of frankie as our inspiration) we knew each of us had to take on a lot of responsibilty. We assigned roles which eventually changed again and again through time – we found it hard to just stick to one thing as each of us had to do multiple task for the magazine. I, for example, started as the Marketing and Social Media Director – which eventually became the role of Amy. It also became a hinder to my passion for design personally – we found together we worked better together on the Social Media posts. Amy is more articulate than I am, therefore better with her words, and I’m better at using my eye for design. But we only discovered this later on through working on the magazine.

In saying that we all started as editing each others work, but I myself dread the though of editing words, I much rather edit a photo on Photoshop or a video for the YouTube (which is now what my role entails as Design Editor). And Eventually we found that Emma enjoyed editing the words the most, and she’s really good at it, so she eventually landed on the role of Editor of the magazines textual elements. Chelsea is the only one who has stayed as her original role from the start, Art Director as she’s always been passionate for her art making. The challenges above all was that we all had to become writers and we had to become our own bosses, giving ourselves deadlines and dates to stick too.

Working in a group has had it’s little challenges. But our advantage as a group, is we all started as friends before anything. So our work load has always been shared, we’ve had the ability to talk to each other about everything we’re stressed about or really excited about. We’re so proud of the “end” (of semester because were continuing our DA) result with Chàe. Words can’t describe how baffled we are, that we actually pulled it off and will continue to do so.

making chàe magazine

From the initial launch of the Magazine we had an overwhelming  amount of support from our peers. Like i mentioned in my last blog post – we were worried that the momentum would drop because we hadn’t actually released any magazine issues.

We’ve had a drop in audience interaction and I think its because we’ve also been tweeting less since we’ve been focusing on writing articles for the first release of the magazine. Our fault was neglecting the audience by being less present in our audience interaction with our content creation. So we asked our audience “what’s next?”, what are they looking forward to seeing from us and have they already read the current issue that is out.

instagram analytics

Our Instagram uploading (@ChaeMagazine) has continued to be pretty consistent. We’ve had a spike in followers to our account – but its started to plummet in the last couple of days. (I think its because our fanbase is mostly Uni students who are experiencing exam period and end of semester blues… but it could be a misjudgement on our part on choosing the right times to upload our content.)

Friday, last week, we finally uploaded the very first issue of Chàe Magazine – after a stressful couple of days leading up – ensuring everything was perfect for us, we uploaded the issue. – Engagement with the magazine has been really positive – we’ve reached 280+ reads. But because there isnt a place for people to leave comments, we haven’t received  much feedback on the mag.

In terms of promotion for the magazine – we’ve been doing really well. We’ve asked all the people who were featured in our magazine to do promotion of their own – so people can see their work as well as our work inside the issue. Which has led to a lot of people checking out the mag.

We also started our Facebook page recently which took off really quickly – we recieved 200+ likes in 24 hours. We’ve been posting on their aswell which has gained some interaction too – not as much as twitter but still some interaction. (The feature of being able to promote it to all of our friends helps boost up our follower portfolio too)

We were really fortunate to his the ground running. When we began promoting the magazine on Twitter to all our fellow BCM students was easy and simple – people were interacting because everyone was supportive. But now as we’re growing the magazine we see that we want more out of the magazine – we want people to interact with the magazine because they’re interested in it – not just because they feel like they have to support us. That’s been the most hindering thing thats bringing that FEFO feeling again – the idea that we might loose this momentum we’ve created.

Yes, our audience is University students and students in general. But we want to reach more than just a local base of people – we want this to be a nation wide thing – perhaps even a global thing. As a group we’ve decided to carry this DA on throughout our university careers – and hopefully even beyond that. Creating and making Chàe has been more enjoyable and worth while than any of us could have imagine – why would we stop that?

Until next time, swoon x

Chàe Magazine:
Website: https://chaemagazine.wixsite.com/chae
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaeMagazine
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaemagazine/

prototyping chàe magazine

After its original launch, Chàe Magazine has come a long way. The audience we’ve grown and the “fanbase” we created has been unbelievable. Having a project with such infinite possibilities really has opened endless doors for my group and I.

What came as a surprise to me was that without having the magazine even truly launch it’s first issue – we’ve had so much engagement from our audience and followers.

In the span of 2 months we’ve grown our audience from zero to nearly two-hundred. On both Twitter and Instagram (here were nearly at three-hundred)

What’s exciting about our DA is the fact that people are already interested. With the little teasers of content, we’ve released without actually dropping the magazine, its really rewarding to know that our idea is making something for itself. We gained enough traction to be noticed by the UOWDMS (University of Wollongong Digital Media Society) – who were really intrigued to hear about a group DA that has a similar structure to theirs.

They invited us to speak on their podcast about our process and progress so far. (Podcast is still to be released so stay tuned!) It was really great to get feedback from them as well which helped us see new angles for our project.

We’ve been trying really hard to grow out Instagram even more by commenting on peoples posts and replying to comments on our own. We’ve also been trying to pump out content on their to grow the page to be more portfolio like.

We’re also in the process of trying to figure out how to grow our male audience – having a predominately female audience isn’t a bad thing but we really want to help ALL people. So we want to grow our audience to be more diverse.

In terms of our YouTube Channel we haven’t really made as much of an impact as we original did when we posted out first cooking video. People are enjoying the videos but not subscribing – so we have to make out content more enjoyable, and familiar to our audience for them to feel like they should keep coming back and subscribe to us. We also did have to start uploading to a different account which may have impacted our audience engagement.

One thing that I believe has really boosted our outreach and audience engagement is our use of content curation. Todd Clarke’s “The Complete Guide to Content Curation” really inspired me to use similar DA’s to grow our own, instead of “competition”. We started reaching out to other students asking artists and writers and whoever wanted to get involved in the magazine to contribute to out “Student Insights” section. We’ve has so many people reach out and want to collaborate with us.

So far, Chàe has been overwhelmingly successful as a group; Amy, Chelsea, Emma and myself have really been surprised at the success we’ve had so far. The only thing that were worried about in terms of our project is the flow and amount of content we are producing. We’re definitely lacking – so we’ve created ourselves a plan for this month – the month we release out first issue of the magazine – for content flow and as well as content curation to keep this momentum we’ve got going.

Chàe Magazine:
Website: https://chaemagazine.wixsite.com/chae
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaeMagazine
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaemagazine/

Until next time,

Swoon x

ideating: a new digital artefact

So after a discussion with my friends at Uni, we all found ourselves struggling with our digital artefacts. (Yes, after several weeks) We found ourselves unmotivated with all our individual projects.

I found it impossible for myself to stick to my original DA idea. So i’m glad I did FEFO. As much as I loved and thought the idea of becoming a “Youtuber” sounded when I actually jumped into it I found I hated being in front of the camera so often, and I enjoyed the editing side more. So alas, the project had to die.

Individually we all had different kinds of projects. Amy was doing a wellness instagram and website, Chelsea was doing an Art instagram, Emma was doing a baking channel on Youtube and Iwas doing a Lifestyle channel. So we new there was something common in our projects we just had to find it. We discussed that all our projects were kind of centred and marketed towards students.

Collectively we decided we’d created a digital platform and include all our talents and projects. The digital platform we chose was a website, more specifically a digital online magazine!


Introducing: Chae Magazine!

A magazine dedicated to helping students we virtually everything to get them through there years of study. A student magazine for those who needs a helping hand. We’ll be creating content around health, art, design, organisation, wellness, finance and more!


and our instagram & twitter: @ChaeMagazine

digital artefact idea

When I first read the subject outline for BCM114 I knew that making media was my chance to be motivated to do what I love – create digitally. I believe i’m quite a driven person, but this subject is really giving me that extra push to do what I’ve always wanted to do – but was too scared to take the leap.

“Making Media” – we’re literally being asked to just get creative. To do something we enjoy – and try our very best to excel and put our best foot forward in it.

I initially just thought of creating basic YouTube “comedy” videos online. But I don’t believe if I went down that path, I would be presenting myself genuinely online. I don’t want to create a fake persona. I want to be able to be myself and continue to do something I really enjoy.

So instead of just saying “I’m doing a YouTube channel for my DA” I’ve decided to word it like this: I’ll be using various digital platforms to get creative with curvy/inclusive fashion, get familiar with being myself, to get creative in falling in love with being myself and in the process help other to do the same.

Social media is such a crucial part in everyones lives and as ‘fluffy’ as this might sound I’d really like to believe that presenting myself online for the purpose of my DA will help creative a more positive place online. A place where being my simple self if enough to be successful and enough for people to find familiarity in.

I was simply inspired by a lot of positive women I follow online. I want to draw inspiration from different YouTubers I already enjoy watching. For me as a viewer I really pay attention to the way a video is edited and then formatted for the public. So I hope my attention to detail will come across in my videos. I truly cannot wait to get started on this DA.

See you soon.