chàe media | beta


This semester, so far, the Chàe has been working very hard! With the continuing challenged of the pandemic, we’ve been inconstant communication with our team in planning and executing whats happening with Chàe. We’ve released our first issue of the semester, Issue 4 of Chàe Magazine, “Through the Screen“. In this issue we incorporated what we’ve been learning throughout BCM206, about future networks and our digital world. With zoom being the new classroom we wanted to include relevant topics that students would be interested in and find helpful.

The outcome of this release was positive, though our impressions have been good from the release of the magazine, our reads are leaking as they are only 20% of the impressions. This is something that we as a team need to work on. Whether it be pre-advertising a week before or more or contenting our blog – which we’ve sort of dropped this semester.

What we’ve been doing as a group (Emma, Chelsea and I) with our DA Chàe Media is a lot of planning and behind the scenes work. But as we’ve been looking to the future we forgot about the present. Our social media activity and interaction has dropped dramatically as we’ve been sidetracked with our two releases this semester, instead of just one. This again could be due to the lack of blog posts, making us feel like we have no content curation to share but we are going to get on top of that in the latter part of the semester.

Behind the scenes elements we’ve been working hard on is our visual communication within our magazine. We’ve given ourselves as an executive more time to consolidate the articles and elements in the magazine, so everything looks perfect and aesthetically pleasing. There are some marketing strategies that we are working to implement in order to enhance Chàe’s effectiveness and popularity. As well as working on a podcast that we hope to become a series throughout the second half of the semester.

Thank you for following along, and supporting the Chàe family x