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BCM215 | Project Beta

As I mentioned in my previous blog, three days after submitting my Pitch for my first DA idea, I felt no motivation to continue this lead me to the idea for my new DA – comparing and contrasting the digital worlds of both Animal Crossing and The Sims. My Artefact will still be a digital blog – Gamer Gorl Hannah – and I will also still be including the research element as well. What is behind this – why are people attracted to these digital world – looking at the texts in a designing and creative framework but also a psychological one.

I have been posting weekly blog and vlogs to my audience, but I haven’t had much interactions due to my lack of advertising for my gaming blog. I really do love doing the mixture of videos and written posts, so I will be continuing that. What I have been trying to do is follow and interact on different reddit’s and subreddits for animal crossing as I seek idea and stimulus from fellow animal crossing players. Because my social media presence has been lacking, I plan to create a new Twitter account solely for my blog so I can interact with fellow players and gamers instead of using my BCM account to just interact with other students. The plan for the DA is to broadening my audience and looking out to other players online to see their suggestions on what I should do in my own gameplay world. I have a lot work to do on my project but I have a plan on how I want to achieve my goals.

8 thoughts on “animal crossing + the sims”

  1. Hey han! I can’t believe the shift and the journey you’ve been on for bcm215 but i absolutely love where you have ended up! I adore both the games of sims and animal crossing and I play both of them often. I would love to see in your series maybe a reach out to your audeince to see what they prefer over sims or animal crossing? And also toward the end of your DA maybe a personal definitive on whether you enjoy sims virtual reality or animal crossing virtual reality more? The games a very similar in many ways yet Animal Crossing has more of a guide to your playing and it also has the ability to play with friends, which I know sims players have been begging for. here are some existing perspectives of ac vs the sims (4).,more%20freedom%20in%20that%20way. : this one is about how animal crossing is better than sims because sims is too real : psychologists talk about why playing animal crossing and sims 4 is so helpful during covid19 : reasons why sims is better than animal crossing

    hope this helps! xxx


  2. Hi Han, I have loved seeing how your project has evolved over the last few weeks! The design concept between the two games is so different yet both cartoon-like. Sims is more seen as realistic for the living situation and Animal Crossing is seen as surreal, could you maybe explore this within the character customisation? As well as diving into what the audience finds more appealing? I think this will be really interesting to look into! I linked a few things below that can help with the research too x

    Click to access bogost_procedural_rhetoric.pdf


  3. Hi Hannah, it’s really great that you have adapted and changed your Digital Artefact to something that you are more motivated to continue and develop. I have come to learn that it is sometimes part of the process of creating these Digital Artefacts. We have these ideas and think it will work but it’s not until we actually try, do we realise it’s not what is best for us and that is fine!

    I too am writing blog post for my DA and have had the same issue with not really having much interaction. I think what you mentioned about how you can improve your interaction is a good idea, definitely creating a separate twitter account is a great idea that will allow you to focus on engaging with other players.

    You mentioned how you are interested in looking at the texts in a psychological framework. I came across these links that I found super interesting and you may be interested in reading too. A lot of them mention how Animal Crossing have been people’s go to during Covid as it’s been really therapeutic and calming for them


  4. Hey Hannah, my situation with my DA was pretty similar to yours, I think it’s great to go through these changes and finding something which you actually enjoy. Finding something which intrigues and motivates you is the best result which can come out of these changes.

    I think it’s really cool how you are using a mixture of videos and written posts. It definitely allows your DA to stand out to a new extent and allows the content which you are producing to be more appealing for your audience.

    I think a cool feature which you could add to your blog posts would be adding screen recordings of when you play the sims and animal crossing. This is a technique which I have recently started using for my DA in hopes to spark conversation in the comment sections of my blog posts, to get gamers together and to discuss the game which I am reviewing and playing. This may be a cool little feature you might want to trial with your blog posts.

    I was wondering if you have ever considered writing short personal points on these games. For example, you can write things you enjoy about these games, or you can write things you dislike. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, just a couple of sentences. I think it would be really cool to convey your own thoughts and opinions – because when I see anything in general about games, I enjoy seeing what the writer of the game has to say and to see what their personal thoughts and thought processes were about a specific game.


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