the power of “meme”

BCM206 | Week 8

The Black Lives Matter movement has made waves for the Black Community in the fight for equality. In these pandemic times the power of social media has been prevalent in this movement. In fact it was social media that allowed to fire to spark.

Meme warfare, the use of digital propaganda, a ‘digital native’ version of psychological warfare allows anyone to collect, dismiss and create media for or against this cause. (Giesea, J 2015) Anyone has the power to contrubite and change peoples minds. As propoganda was used in the time of war, people with power control most media and propoganda, but now times have changed. People of power still hold more power than most, but with the power of social media – anyone can influence anyone.

For my remediation i wanted to create a show video, something that felt powerful. Something that was jarring to the ear. The sounds of protest.

– Giesea, J 2015, It’s time to embrace memetic warfare, Defence Strategic Communications, volume 1, pp. 67-75

1 thought on “the power of “meme””

  1. Hey Hannah! I really enjoyed reading your post and how you explored the way memes have been portrayed in the Black Lives Matter movement and meme warfare and digital propaganda. I found it really interesting and powerful when you said ” Anyone has the power to contribute and change peoples minds.” It challenged my thinking on this! In my post, I explored social media revolutions, and how social media controls what you see and click on. Here is a link if you wanted to read more into it –
    Overall great work, and I really enjoyed your remediation of protests!! really powerful!


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