the medium is the message, and that is chàe.

Chàe Media was created by myself and my partners Emma Jenkins and Chelsea-Lee Bastable with the intent to inspire students and to get their talents out there by using chàe as a medium. We’ve broadened our website to not just be a place where our writers blogs can be found, but a place where all our content could be accessible.

The product or service we are offering to our targeted marketing of students, specifying more to females, is an aesthetically pleasing one stop digital medium for all “lifestyle” content (skincare, makeup, fashion etc.) but also a place to find study and mindfulness tips to balance out their young adult lifestyle. This relates directly to the concept of ‘The medium is the message‘, Lasswell’s formula says the message goes from the communicator through the channel (medium) then to the receiver which causes an audience analysis leading to the audience effect. We’ve tried to create our own medium here in our website. It is the channel in which the audiences are meant to receiver our content and also external creators.

We began early ideating by outline the differences with our original idea “Chàe Magazine” to transforming it into “Chàe Media”. In our early content we we’re happy with the audience’s interaction with the upgrade, but as time progressed, we found we had to narrow our content even more.

We we’re mainly female based in our analytics, so we figured a facelift was in order to reflect that, so we began prototyping. This actually happened very fast as we found a colour palette we liked and create new branding overnight

As a team we felt we couldn’t continue to keep pumping out the amount of content our medium needed so we brought on more writers and creators who would be able to just solely create content for chàe, whilst the three of us could focus on the design and organisation side of our new brand. What would assume would take a really long time in recruiting happened naturally and really fast so we we’re able to get delegating immediately.

Since gaining a team our “advertising” for the content we have been producing, our team is able to quickly share and repost immediately to their different followers which has made our interactions look more active than in the past. We had planned to make our YouTube page more active like our Instagram and twitter had been, but after COVID-19 pushed us into isolation we weren’t able to follow through with that plan.

What did go to plan, is the upkeep of our bi-annual magazine. We launched the 3rd issue of chàe magazine, with our new and improved look. We were able to see a noticeable spike from our medium “” where we upload the magazine. The only thing we aren’t able to find statistics on is how many people downloaded the PDF from our website.

We’re very proud of the moves we have made as a team and the progress that has happened to our ongoing project that is CHÀE MEDIA! You don’t get to control much content out in the media, but having created a platform like chàe for young people to showcase their abilities and find guidance online, makes the internet just that little bit more wonderful and hopeful.


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