week 10 | access permissions and ideologies of control

Is social media worth opening the gates to out information? Does saying no and turning of certain settings really effect how private our information is kept? Who knows.

But if social media users are willing to share all of their personal details to sign up for these sites along with sharing – their location, photos of them and their children or friends and intimate accounts of their daily lives and or struggles – surely they must not expect this information to stay private, or care if this information is shared.

According to a 2012 social media study at the Pew Research Centre in America saw 63% of adults socially present online say they maintain a profile on a social networking site – only 26% of this percentage said they restrict access to their profile say they take further steps to limit what certain friends can and cannot see.

If you’re willing to use the internet, the price you pay is your privacy. That’s how I see it. In our remediation we choose to discuss the debate on the ideology of control over your device.


1 thought on “week 10 | access permissions and ideologies of control”

  1. Hey Hannah! I found your blog really well written, especially the way you started it by asking a rhetorical question, it really made me think about what I was about to read. The remediation of your SoundCloud was really informative and you touched on good points. This has inspired me to create a SoundCloud of my own for this week as a different way to express the information. Perhaps, something to include next time would be some hyperlinks, as they are super useful to show directly where you got your information and statistics from. Overall, really good blog keep it up :))


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