chàe beta

turning over a new leaf

The first thing I have to say about our beta progress with chàe is it’s a lot harder to get a hold on everything when in isolation. Having to adapt our plans with our new larger team has made things a bit difficult but we’re powering through and I’m very proud.

Our content has been more consistent than ever, since we post our writers blogs at least one or twice a week – which is accompanied by an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter post. The only thing we haven’t made a move on since the pitch is our YouTube channel.

In viewing our statistics its clear we’ve had growth. The disappoint part is the most growth we have had has been on our Instagram. All our platforms have grown in following but the interacting have been down on our twitter as well as a little bit on our Facebook page. The problem with being ALL online ALL the time, is we’ve lost track in interacting back with our following 😦 so that’s someone we NEED to work on through our creative process.

As mentioned in our pitch we’ve expanded our team and what’s been really beautifully wholesome out these very talented creative women is that they’re just as passionate about chàe and Chelsea, Emma and myself. The biggest change we’ve undertaken since the pitch, is a total rebranding. We’ve transformed chàe to be the best it can be by changing little aesthetic changes in writing and then changing the colour scheme. As a team we realised what out audience is, and what they’re more drawn too and we adapted our brand to be just that. Something that will drawn more of our audience in.

The next big step for us is the release of our third official magazine issue, which we’re aiming to get out into the world in June! We cant wait for what is coming up for chàe.

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