week 7 | the news frame on coronavirus

“Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events” – Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

Media Framing has the ability to organise our reality to change our perception (or create it) to tell us what it happening. It tells us before we know, what is the correct frame. It influences us in a deeper way than we can understand.

In relation to the News Frame the medias coverage on the coronavirus has had the ability to waver a whole nations understanding of what the virus even does or is. For myself even if i was hearing things saying it could be a hoax I still have the mentality to believe to was real but I was sensible about it, opposite to the way many media platforms have handled it. For our remediation Chelsea, Emma and I discussed on how FOX News influences the United States with their converage and News Frame.

4 thoughts on “week 7 | the news frame on coronavirus”

  1. I liked that you applied this weeks topic to something really up to date and relevant right now! So interesting to hear the way a “credible” news channel has painted Covid-19, to claim its a hoax is denying some very real facts. I liked listening to your discussion as i can relate to how at the start you guys weren’t to concerned about the effect of the virus yet until the media started creating panic, its interesting how quickly we can change our frame of mind on the situation once media begins infiltrating panic into our minds.


  2. Hey! I really like this blog post, the remediation is such an engaging and interesting addition! By using the current pandemic that everyone can relate to is such a good way to elaborate on framing, and to help others understand the concept. I agree with everything you have said including the way you reacted to the virus when it was first to be established, and I definitely noticed how the media caused some panics! Maybe a link like this one http://www.butler-bowdon.com/jean-piaget—the-language-and-thought-of-the-child.html could help others to further more understand framing! xx


  3. Hey! I really enjoyed reading your blog post and listening to your remediation! And using a such a current topic was such a clever way to relate back to the topic! Also, I love the layout of your blog!


  4. Hey Hannah! Great blog!!

    We both did a Soundcloud remediation this week, which is awesome! We both took a very similar approach to the topic, both including compilations of news reporters spreading a specific agenda. I focussed on the media ownership concentration in America, causing heaps of newsreaders to be spreading the same agenda. I love that you included in your SoundCloud you discussing the topic, that is really unique, and it was interesting to listen to!

    If you are interested in finding out a bit more information about media concentration and democracy, I found this review article that was a super interesting read and very relevant to our blogs!

    Great job this week; I cant wait to listen to more x



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