week 6 | meme warfare

The Internet Paradigm – PART TWO Distributed Media and Meme Warfare. The way I understanding it is the media we as produsers share and create from the mass media are able to gain more ‘traction’ than mass media on its own. Controlling the way users connect with content out there in the Internet (culture) Paradigm and with each other is impossible. And Memes are bits of information replicated and transmitted from mind to mind which offer a systematic frame for interpreting reality. This is why organisations, such as the CIA, use memes and dissect them further to understand the way a population receives and remediates information. 

For my remediation this week my DA group ( Chelsea + Emma + Me) and I decided to make the most of Zoom and the social distancing by having a shot at recording one of our calls discussing our understanding of Memes and Meme Warfare.

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