week 5 | goodbye, monological media.

Monological Media. The way I see it; now, no such things exists, and it will never exists. In the Internet Paradigm media will always be used and reused and reacted to and shared – it will be MANY to MANY and never ONE to MANY again. 

In Clay Shrikys TED talk “How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook can make history” he explains:
First – phones gave us the one to one pattern of communication media
Second – Radio, television and written media gave us the one to many 
AND the internet had gave us MANY TO MANY as well as becoming the mode of carriage for all media – “every medium is right next door to every other medium
Everytime and new consumer joins, as does a producers because everyone has the same equipment. 

When continuing to make my DA I want everyone to interact with it – everyone could have the same idea as me. No one owns anything. I’m not just producing and broadcast a message I’m also collaborating with the public because monological media doesn’t exist anymore, only dialogical media does.

1 thought on “week 5 | goodbye, monological media.”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your remediation of this weeks topic, especially your deep focus on monological media in relation to today’s society! You’re link to Clay Shrikys TED Talk was clever too! It provided me with a deeper understanding to the topic. Maybe to sum up, you could have added a little bit of information explaining dialogical media? Other than that, LOVE YOUR BLOG so far!

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